CRYSTALS OF NARAMUNZ is an upcoming play to earn adventure game set in a post apocalyptic sci-fi setting. It will be free to play and can support multiplayer RPG that gamers will enjoy. There are no details yet on which blockchain it will be available.

Thousand of years in the future, the earth was shattered by a mysterious crystal who fell from the above. Civilisation was lost, but few technologies survived.

The capital city is called NARAMUNZ, where most of the survivors lived. Now their goal is to seek for the crystals for power, which they called NARZ or NARAMUNZ.


Crystals of Naramunz Play to Earn Crypto Game

To start with, players need to choose game CHARACTER. With the game character, you can start your journey in the game. There are 3 basic characters in the game: wizard, archer and warrior. Each of these characters have unique abilities and traits that are important in the game. These are called SKILLS which can be upgraded along the way. Most of these skills are locked initially and can be unlocked by leveling up the character.

At initial launch of the game, only these 3 will be available. They are all free. In future, the game will add few characters for a fee using NARZ token.

Players can send these characters for quests. These includes fighting mobs, entering the underworld and other similar things. Rewards from quests can be NFT items or ingame tokens. Doing quest will decrease characters energy or crystal which can be recharged.

Items that can be obtained during quests includes gears or weapons. This helps to boost characters power and to make it more stronger.

Each player have storage for their loots. All the items are NFT and can be traded via game marketplace. The size of the storage is limited but can be increased by certain loot items.

The game also introduces COMPANION. Players can buy crystal eggs from marketplace that can be hatched into random creatures. They are believed to originate from the home of the crystal. Once hatched, these act as pet which can join the characters and help them in their quests. Hatching an egg takes time and NARZ token consumption.

In future, players can form and join guilds to get more game benefits in the game like resources sharing, chat and storage.



There are 3 basic game NFT’s: gear, companion and property.

GEAR are for player characters to increase their stat.
COMPANION are pet animals you can have to accompany players in their journey.
PROPERTY is optional. Players can own an island in the game and airships to explore.



The game will use NARZ token, the utility token. There will be a total supply of 300,000,000. It is not yet issued, IDO is coming soon.

Here’s the supply distribution of the token.

Seed Round 5%
Private Round 14%
IDO 1%
Liquidity Provision 8%
Team 18%
Operational Reserves 20%
In Game Rewards 30%
Advisors 3%
Community Rewards and Liquidity Mining 1%

The token will be released prior to game launch. Staking option will also be available for early adapters.



Base on the current roadmap, beta release is scheduled for 2023 with full game release at 2024.

For this year, they are focusing on development, IDO, staking, CEX listing, blockchain integration, NFT drops and alpha testing for early players.



CRYPTO ROGUE GAMES is the developer of the game. They have vast array of experience in gaming, software development, blockchain, marketing and other similar fields.

From their website, they company is based in Sweden with registered address at Ostra Radhusgatan 6, 903 26 Umea Sweden.

Here’s the list of their management team.

Ake Andre – CEO, with more than 8 years experience with fintech and crypto
Klaas Tojkander – CTO, with more than 20 years in experience in fullstack, focusing on unity
Anna Westlund – CFO, with more than 20 years in financing industry

For complete list of team members, visit their company website.



To know more about the game, visit CRYSTAL OF NARAMUNZ website for more details.

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