CRYPTO BEE is an upcoming play to earn game in BSC network. If you are in to beekeeping, this is the game for you.

The goal of the game is to farm and take care of bees. In return, they will produce honey which can be exchange to $HONEY token for real money.



To start the game, you need to have a HIVE and BEES to start FARMING. There are 2 kinds of bees: worker bees and queen bees.

Each hive can only acomodate limited number of bees, depending on the rarity. Bees create honey every hour, then you can harvest them in-game. You have up to 24 hours to harvest them, else the bees will stop producing it.

Bees create raw honey. Queen Bees boost productivity of the worker bees in the hive.


Aside from farming your own bees, you can also choose to battle other active hives for rewards. You can steal their raw honey or steal their bees.

If you hive got attacked, you will lose 30% of your unharvested honey and your random bee will lose 3 health points.

Health of the bee is crucial in your hive. They might lose health points or even die in the attack. You need 10 raw honey to heal them, or you can use 10 $HONEY token. If you do not heal them and they don’t have health points left, attackers can steal them. Each bees have maximum 60 health points.

To protect your hive, you can buy temporary SHIELD as protection. It can last from 12, 19 and 24 hours.



The game offers few NFT collections for in-game use. These are BEES, QUEEN BEES, HIVES and BEARS.


BEES are essential for honey production. They have rarities from common, rare, epic and legendary. The higher the rarity, the higher the honey production.

QUEEN BEES are the most important character in the hive. They are considered as the mother of bees. In the game, they boost production by motivating the colony. There are 2 rarities: epic and legendary. They differ in boosting honey production of the the hive.

BEARS are game wild animals that love honey. If you have the bear you can feed them to protect your hive against other beasts. They also lower the tax in claiming $HONEY tokens. Bears can have level up to 5, which affects the tax reduction and battle stealing honey rate.

HIVES is where bees live and place where honey is created. In the game, they have 4 rarities: common, rare, epic and legendary. The higher the rarity, the more bees it can acomodate and more honey to produce.

Each have their own characteristics, rarity and game functions. They offer diversity in the game.

All NFT’s will be available via game marketplace. Of if you are whitelisted, you can purchase them via the pack presale. Price of CRYPTO BEE NFT is fixed at 0.07 BNB or $25 via PanCakeSwap. This price applies to bees, creature and hive prices.

The game also allows user to change the SKINS of the bee characters. They will have creative contests where players can design their own skin for game use.

$HONEY token is the main token of the game. Players can earn it via farming bees in the hive. It can also be obtained as rewards via fighting rival hive bees.

The token have many use cases in the game. It can be used for development of your hive, heal bees, buy and sell in market place and other things.

It is BEP-20 in BSC blockchain. As of this writing, there is no contract address yet.



As per game roadmap, the official launch will be this 2nd quarter, most probably JUNE. Beta is already out for testing, plus all the marketing and social existence are already setup. Prior to launch, they will have their genesis pack sale, more marketing and token listings.

Do check the game roadmap and join their socials for more details.



This will be available early June for early adapters. There are limited number of genesis pack and will be available for sale for the price of 1 BNB, for all Premium Pack whitelists.

The pack will consists of bees and queen bees, a huge advantage in the game. There’s also a guarantee to get the rare NFT’s with great characteristics.

Premium Pack will contain 1 legendary bee, 1 legendary queen bee and 1 legendary hive for 1 BNB.
Genesis Pack will contain 1 epic bee, 1 epic queen bee and 1 epic hive for 0.95 BNB.

No specific date yet on the drop sale, keep posted on the website for details.



Here’s the list of team members as listed on the game whitepaper. They are not doxxed, always do your own due diligence before you invest your own money.

WILLIAM S. – Founder & CEO
JAKE D. – CTO – Software Engineer
TAYLOR D. – Solidity Engineer
ADAM K. – React Senior
MICHAEL M. – Digital Marketing Lead
SERENA T. – Marketing – Communication


To know more about the game, be sure to visit CRYPTO BEE website and join their social accounts for updates.

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