Chain of Alliance is another upcoming game in Chromia blockchain. It’s an RPG and strategy game base in a science fiction story. The game have NFT characters where player can play and earn in the game. Chromia network hosts several decentralized blockchain games available in public.


CHAIN OF ALLIANCE – Play to Earn NFT Games in Chromia Blockchain

The game focuses on 3 visions: play, manage and create.

PLAY. Players can create and collect character NFT’s to use in the game PVP, AI battles and campaigns to earn the ingame token and weapons.

MANAGE. Players have the chance to own and manage their own land. They can also cutomize it and make it better. In return, they can also rent it out to earn game tokens.

CREATE. By incorporating rich lores, they can create a good story and campaign for the players to enjoy.

To participate in the game, NFT game items are needed. You can buy and sell them via the marketplace.

Players can join the adventure and battle AI monsters to earn rewards. They also gain loots and XP rewards to develop and upgrade their individual heroes characters. The higher the stat of the heroes, the more rewards it can get in every adventure.

They can also stake their unused NFT’s to earn more rewards.

Characters are the important NFT in the game. Players can create and customize their own characters by using game fragments: head, torso, arms and legs. Each have unique attributes and stat to make up the character.

Landlords are those with land NFT’s. They can customize it and build arena that allows other players to use it for PVP. A management fee will be given to the landowners every time a PVP happen on the land.


Game NFT’s

It consists of land, characters and equipment. All NFT details are still in development, there are no finished details yet. More to come and will be uploaded to their website once they finalize it. Presale schedule is not yet available. All are set to happen this same 2nd quarter. Just keep posted and watch out for announcement via their website.



The game token is $COA. As of today, it is not currently deployed yet. Beware if you see some offers about it, probably another scam. Token release is schedule this second quarter of 2022. Not much details yet on on the token presale or public whitelist. Just be ready on your funds.



There is no details of the launched date yet. From the website, proof of concept was slated for February. Testnet is also LIVE for selected beta testers. Public launch on the other hand might be on the 3rd quarter of this year. Be sure to join their discord server for up to date and latest information about the game.



As per the game medium account, there are five individuals currently connected to the game. Here are their details.

SIMON and DENNIS are both founders of the game. They are also the lead and blockchain developers. Both of them graduated with a degree in Hamburg Germany. They are both experts in Chromia blockchain.

ROBERT on the other hand is the game producer. Prior to this game, he haas been in the same industry doing tradition games producer and product manager for over a decade. He’s been on blockhain games for already two years.

MATEJ is the current marketing manager. He’s on the same industry for the past nine years. He’s expertise are in marketing strategies and campaign designed to drive growth and traffic to the project. To this date, he already globally launch more than 28 games with a huge profit all in all.

NOAM helps in parter coordination and marketing as well. She’s an early participant in the Chromia ecosystem.

To know more about the game, visit CHAIN OF ALLIANCE website for more details.

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