CANTINA ROYALE is an upcoming battle play to earn game in the dark space, free to play for all users. It is a tactical arcade shooting game featuring single or multiplayer battle version. The game boast to deliver unique gaming experience to players with great NFT assets and earning opportunities.

The game is developed under VERKO network platform. VERKO offers smooth wallet integration with streamlined user registration. User can signup without the need to create a blockchain wallet.

NFT collections are uniquely designed for collections and game use. They are both tradeable and playable.



The game is about a young Space Ape sent to The Cantina, an intergalactic place in outer space where great adventure awaits for those who dare. Here, all races can gather together and enjoy life at its fullest. They can also form team and crew, get good weapons and participate in the arena battle to earn rewards.

Multiplayer PVP Game Modes

To earn rewards, you can send your Space Ape in the Galactic Arena for battle royale. You can get a weapon and join the multiplayer mode, with up to 50 players battling. Those who survive will be rewarded handsomely. See below for various game mode in the arena.

PVE Game Mode – Raid & Loot

With your crew up to 4 players, you can enter mission and raid treasures from other players, enemies, bandits and bots. There are daily missions to fulfil with increasing difficulties. Once completed, player will get rewards.

PVE Enemies

Send your Space Apes to battle enemy bots. There are several bots in the game with various specialties, levels and stat. As you progress in the game, the bot difficulties also progresses.

Game bots includes melee bot, bayonet bot, sniper bot, grenadier bot, rover bot, shock bot, shock turret bot, flame turret bot, MG turret bot, commando bot, gatling bot, fuel bot and bosses.

After you defeat them, they will drop rewards and loots.


Similar with AXIE, the game will offer scholarship programs to bridge the gap of small and big time players. If you have spare NFT’s, you can lend them to your chosen scholars. Scholars then play the game and split the rewards to benefit both. No cashout for scholars.


For those with excess NFT, the game will open lending program where other players can rent your NFT for a time duration with a fee. A win-win for both parties. The lending platform will be in VERKO.




Space Apes is the main game NFT. Without it, you cannot play the game. It comes in tiers and 5 rarities: bronze, silver, gold, epic and legendary. The higher the tier level and rarity, the higher the rewards a player can earn. The NFT can be purchased via game marketplace.

There is a FREE NFT for users to try and play the game. For premium users, they can buy the premium characters. The free one are set in a generic settings with slow progress, but can experience the fullness of the game without the monetary token rewards. On the other hand, those players who want to experience full potential earnings of the game can use the premium paid NFT’s.

Characters have initial 3 base stats: vitality, defense and agility. These determine the winability of the character in a battle. As player progresses, these stats also increases.

Vitality is the health of the character.
Defense affects the shield recharge status.
Agility is for movement and dodging attacks.

Characters also come with 2 random PERKS. The perks give a character a unique set of stat, depending on the rarity.



A good Space Ape needs a good weapon. The better the weapons, the better the odds of winning the battle. In the game, there are 5 weapon classes available:

Rapid Fire Weapons – SMG, Heavy SMG
Spread Weapons – Shotgun, Spreadgun
Precision Weapons – Revolver, Crossbow
Explosive Weapons – Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher
Elemental Weapons – Flamethrower, Shocker



Cantina Royale Tokens ($CRT) is the main token of the game. This token will be listed and tradable via swaps and exchanges. There are total 1 trillion supply of the token. Utilities includes: buying and selling NFT characters, token staking reward, NFT staking reward and character recruitment.

See below for tokenomics.


CROWNS on the other hand is the in-game token. This is not listed and only for game use. It is also the rewards for various game activities like PVP, PVE and the like. They are of same value as $CRT token with a lot of game utilities:

– Upgrading of characters and weapon
– Opening loot boxes for rewards
– Unlocking in-game assets
– Characters recruitment
– Buying contracts and rewards



As per game roadmap, game is schedule to launch this JULY of 2022. Prior to launch, they will have private sale, IDO and NFT marketplace in operation.

Check below roadmap for details. Be sure to check their whitepaper for latest updates.



The team is compose of 15 individuals with years of experience in game development. They have worked successfully in their previous jobs in various game titles.

DAN BOJAN – Game Designer

He’s a full stack developer with over 15 years of valuable experience in the industry. He is very knowledgeable in game design and publishing. He is also the founder of Phenomenon Games, which is the creator of Cantina Royale.

PAUL SZANTO – Lead Developer

With more than 10 years of experience in gaming industry, he’s the lead programmer of the game. He’s also the head of engineering, data structures and online networking in Phenomenon Games. He has extensive knowledge in gaming technology that proved to be very useful in the game.

Here’s some of the GAME ADVISORS:

DANILO CARLUCCI – MorningStar Ventures
ERIC SU – ExNetwork &


To know more about the game, visit CANTINA ROYALE website. Join their social accounts for more updates.

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