Axie Infinity is so far the most successful and biggest play to earn game to this date. It become a bread and butter for a lot of people especially in Philippines, it’s top country players. During its hype, a single NFT land was sold for around $1.5 million. As more people are joining, NFT prices skyrocketed and become non affordable to ordinary players. They have scholarship feature to let others play your axies for a percentage of reward. However, saturation and likely demise is bound to happen. As it was treated as investment, some people especially those early joiners make money. Unfortunately, those who joined at the peak and late comers suffer the consequences and lose money.

SKY MAVIS, the Vietnamese company developer of AXIE INFINITY, wants to make a comeback and relaunch the game. This time, they want to make it available and affordable for all. It’s called Axie Infinity: Origin.



All existing players can bring their old NFT’s to the new game via syncing. New players can simply create an account, get a ronin wallet and deposit some ETH to start playing the game. To lure new players, they game will offer free axie to play with without player need to buy axie to start.

The game is already live as EARLY ACCESS to test the game and gather feedback. DOWNLOAD on this link to try. There is no schedule yet for full launch, they are still in developing phase to improve the game, remove bugs and make it better.


Here’s some of the exciting new features that they will implement.

Free Axie Starter. Everyone can try and join the game for free, using this free starter without spending crypto
New Axie Art. Now the Axie’s look great with new designs
Sequential Turns make the game faster
Card Changes. They tweak and change but still kept the good ones.
Energy are reset each turn
Runes/Charms as power ups for future upgrades
Critical hits is changed with Rage mechanic

The early access are using NON NFT items just to try the game. Even the SLP rewards cannot be exchanged for real crypto tokens. The developers are focusing to make everything worth the wait. Feedback are highly needed from early access players. Some of the cards will not be available during this period. There is no reward for early access, just a chance to try it early and contribute to the success of the game via feedback.

For new players, check this guide HOW TO PLAY AXIE INFINITY



Balancing the game economy is a big priority. They do not want the mistake of previous version happen on this game. They want to find ways to make the game more economically viable and sustainable.

Cards, runes and charms will also be balanced accordingly base on game feedback.



One problem with the old Axie game is the high cost to join and play the game. To solve this, developers offer to have free starter axies for free to all new players so everyone can try and play the game. You can now invite your whole family and friends to play.

Axie Infinity: Origin is the beginning of a new and better game. With the existing player base, they can return to its former glory and even surpass it. Only time will tell. For now, every axie players are hyped and excited to get their beloved game back to life. It’s the beginning of a new journey for Axies.

To check current game logs, updates and real time changes, check this ROADMAP. Visit SKYMAVIS website for more details.

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