AQUA FARM is another upcoming play to earn NFT games in polygon blockchain network. It was inspired by big games like AXIE INFINITY and POKEMON. It is an adventure RPG game with a play to earn structure. The game will be release in both IOS and ANDROID mobile platforms, as well as PC.



Players have to navigate an ocean called AQUA WORLD. It is a magical world where mankind and creatures coexist in one place. AQUA WORLD is also the habitat where creatures called AREE lived and thrived. They explore, battle and fight for survival.

One day, evil monsters invade AQUA WORLD. They ravaged the place and plunder everything they can. The place become desolate.


With the help of AREE and all the fairies and guardians, mankind embark on a quest and adventure to fight back the monsters and free the AQUA WORLD. This is the only way to restore peace.

AREE are the ocean fairies that are born from the fruits of the world tree that grows in AQUA WORLD. All players need at least one AREE to begin their quest. Each creature will have a combination of 6 parts with various significance and attributes ingame. All in all, there are about 11 million unique AREE combinations in AQUA WORLD. Players can level them up or increase the class for better performance.

The gameplay consists of battle, adventure, PVP, fishing and other ingame quests. Completing this tasks earns the player ingame tokens where they can trade to real money.



There are 2 game tokens to be used: AES and PODO.

AES (Aree Shards) is the governance token which will be used in staking and arena. It plays the critical role in the game. It is used to reward and incentivise players and token holders. There will be total 1 billion supply of AES token.

PODO (Power of Deep Ocean) is the games secondary token. It has an infinite supply and was designed to increase as number of players increase to help maintain price stability. This token will be used primarily on reward on all game activities like battle, PVP, fishing, etc.



The developer is in full blast as of this stage. Base on their timeline, we can expect the game to launch this 2nd quarter of the year. Their whitelist is ongoing in their discord server, do join them if you want to know more. Presale will start this April.



There is not much details about the developers on their website. However, on their litepaper, there is a note in the footer where it mentioned a company name, THE MARS CORP. By checking in google, it seems that these company is based in South Korea. It is not confirmed yet. Do your own research.

For more information, you can visit their website AQUAFARM and join the discord for more updates.

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