Build your team of Gods and play AGE OF GODS. It is one of the upcoming play to earn game in binance blockchain this coming 3rd quarter of the year. The storyline is all about Greek Mythology , battling other Gods for game rewards.


AGE OF GODS – Play to Earn NFT Crypto Game

Players must have one GOD to play the game. It is an NFT and can be traded via ingame marketplace. As you progress in the game, you unlock more rewards and adventure which are reflected via game leaderboard in the community.

There will be a total of 1000 NFTs per God.

You can equip your gods with gear or upgrade it to make it more stronger for battle. Equipments are also game NFTs that can be traded via marketplace.

There are 3 basic game modes in the game:

Campaign PVE. By playing the game and doing adventures, you progresses on the game and unlock more rewards. You can also battle other players to get higher rank in the leaderboard.

PVP / eSports Tournament. Players can compete with other team offline versions to get increase in leaderboard rank in a season. Each season lasts for 14 days before it reset.

Guilds. Players can form their guild and participate in various guild activities and missions like guild challenges, guild wards and access to guild exclusive stores.

Rewards for all these missions and adventures is AOG token. You can stake the token to earn more token via staking. Players can also earn passive income via their invite and earn program. No details yet as to how many token rewards per invite.

The game earns via ingame store, esports betting, nft marketplace and partnerships. All proceeds will be used to buy and burn AOG tokens to maintain the economy.

From ingame store, players can buy all game NFT’s like Gods, boosters, skins, gear, upgrade, etc.

eSports betting let you bet on who will wean the tournament. Winners will get AOG tokens.

NFT marketplace is where you can trade your AOG items.

Partnership will bring affiliated products and other potential game revenues in the game.



The game token is AoG (Age of Gods). It is a BEP-20 token in binance smart chain. There will be maximum token supply of 270 million, with 378 thousand as initial circulating supply. Token initial price is at $0.12.

As for token distribution, see below:

0.14% Public launch
0.76% Launchpad
2.5% Strategic use
3% Private sale 1
3% Private sale 2
2.5% Seed
5% Advisor
10% Team
15% Game Development
23.1% Marketing
35% P2E ecosystem

Token vesting is up to 12 months for all the various token sales. The token is now live and can be purchased via PanCakeSwap, trading at around $0.13.

Sales proceeds will be used for legal costs, exchange listing fees, operations, product and marketing costs.

The token auditor is CERTIK.

AOG tokens can be earned in the game via:

Daily Loggin
Guild Progression
Auto Farming Rewards
Game Progression and Boss Fighting
eSports Tournament Participation



As per roadmap, target full game launch is at 3rd quarter of this year. NFT sale, staking and token launch is schedule at 1st and 2nd quarter.

Beta testing is already ongoing but NFT sale will only happen prior to game launch. MVP is also expected to launch this 2nd quarter.



Game whitelist page contains details of the team and partners. As per their Linkedin accounts, all of them are from India.

The game developer company is JUEGO GAME STUDIO. They have more than 8 years in the game development business with more than 250 games created. They have worked projects for Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and Amazon.

Nick v.d. K – CEO
Perry K. – CTO
Beau D. – CMO
Cartic P. – AVP, Game Production and Business
Abhijith S. – VP, Delivery
Krithik B. – VP, Operations
Shakthi P. – Project Lead



To know more about the game, visit AGE OF GODS website and join their telegram group for latest updates.

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