Gaming has been one of the most booming industries to exist globally. The gaming industry is currently worth almost $200 billion and is approaching a $300 billion mark in less than five years from this point in time. Globally, we have also amassed an average of just about 3 billion gamers.

Playing just for fun has been slipping away as the main driver for many gaming enthusiasts. Time is money, and gamers have noticed that they are making a big investment in these enjoyable virtual experiences with little return. As there are already great ways to monetize this great hobby; take eSports, for example. There is also a rise of opportunities for casual gamers to earn funding on efforts they put into playing; these are with blockchain games.

Read along if you are keen in knowing which blockchain games are worth playing and earning by this year. We have created a comprehensive review of each of the outstanding blockchain games you can rely on to get started. Spoiler, they are all impressive. Let’s get started.

Rise of the BLOCKCHAIN GAMES, Here’s the 10 list:


Axie Infinity is known to be the undisputed king of all crypto games. This blockchain game has taken NFTs to a stratospheric level. Most games yield a pokemon-like gaming experience with axie infinity, with it having populated Axis or digital creatures, with each of them being an NFT. Players buy, exchange, and breed these creatures and also make them battle other players or teams in the rise of seasonal tournaments.

Rare axes can be worth thousands of dollars, with plots of virtual land getting sold for more than $1 million. What sets the game apart from other gaming platforms is its unfailing virtual economy with their in-game tokens seeing massive games, with nearly 6,000% huge gains.



This next game allows you to create your colorful characters in the form of digital vinyl toys, emphasizing having great customized designs. Blankos block party lets its players build and explore virtual worlds where they can collect unique so-called “Blankos’, ‘gamers ought to join quests and be part of team games called block parties.

Limited edition blankos have been a substantial draw for investors, strikingly given the massive success of the game’s partnership with names such as Burberry and Deadmau5.



Upland is a blockchain game that lets gamers buy, sell and trade virtual land that is mapped to the real world. These digital landlords then can build properties and earn themselves UPX coins. The project has charted the cities of San Francisco and New York and allows you to buy virtual properties for sale that are linked to real-life addresses.

Upland recently implemented a property to USD beta program that empowers players to sell properties for earnings that go beyond thousands of dollars.



Mobox is a free-to-play option that merges gaming with decentralized finance while running on the Balance Smart Chain. The developers swear that this approach will bring gaming close to GameFi as a platform where gamers and investors can utilize games from various blockchains, all in one place. The game’s primary goal is to allow individuals to participate in NFT games freely and earn money by casually playing.

Currently, Mobox has three games available on their platform, with two more games anticipated to be released sometime soon.



Lightnite has a Fortnite-like battle royale game that has been developed by the same team of the Bitcoin arcade game portal Satoshi’s games. The game is an online multiplayer activity that rewards players with bitcoin for shooting other players.

Players that are great in the game, those who shoot more players have higher chances of earning more bitcoin, and conversely, those who get shot are penalized and will lose what they have made. All in-game assets are tokenized and exchanged through the Elixir Marketplace, an NFT marketplace.



Gods Unchained is a card fighter game that allows players to build decks and play cards to fight and defeat opponents. As a blockchain game, gamers can ultimately gain ownership of the cards they win and sell or trade them in any straightforward way.

There are scarce cards like physical collectible card games and can be valued for more than thousands of dollars.



CryptoKitties is one of the opening games to catch attention to the potential of blockchain games, and it is one of the pioneer games that opened the doors to the crypto collectible market. Users can buy, breed, and trade cute cartoon-like cats with different rarity levels in this game. As with other blockchain games, you are the cat owners, and you’re free to sell them in any way you want.

The game is simplistic yet addicting. Buying and breeding new kittens in the game have high Ether costs, but most players deemed it worth it.



This next blockchain game is reminiscent of Pokémon, Yugi-oh, and Magic. Splinterlands is also a successful card fighter game with a player-driven economy. All cards and plaques contain real value and are freely tradable, and the game is excellent for simplicity and uncomplicatedness. Rare cards have been continuously released recently, making the game even more appealing to the prospects of its enthusiasts.



Sandbox is a virtual world or so-called metaverse where they can own land, build, play and participate in fantastic virtual experiences. By holding a sandbox plot of virtual land, one can monetize the experiences they create within the metaverse, an exciting activity for artists or small developers. All Sandbox attributes can be bought and sold using the SAND token, and ultimately players contribute towards the continuous expansion of this metaverse.

Sandbox has become highly sought after, just like Minecraft and Roblox. It focuses on developing a thriving community of users who can happily interact and share ideas to yield more innovation across the beautiful platform.



Lastly, Cryptopop is a game that might seem familiar, as it takes considerable inspiration from the hugely popular Candy Crush. Players of this blockchain game earn points by matching the symbols of cryptocurrencies as they would appear on the gamer’s screen; the higher the number of matches, the greater the number of points to be earned, and the targets change following the levels unlocked, Players also earn funds by participating in the in-game market.


Which one are you eyeing this year? Let us know!

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